Athletic Recovery

The process of returning the body and mind back to a balanced and re-energized state.

Recovery Builds Resilience.

Actively prepare and support your body and mind for stresses on and off the field. Recovery sessions are designed to help your body rebound from competition.

Athletic Recovery is an important aspect of a training program, especially for the Elite Athlete

Athletic Recovery 

plays a crucial roles in ensuring athlete longevity. Activ8’s innovation is the focus on each specific athletes performance and recovery.

We understand how an athlete’s fatigue and breakdown toward the end of a season can create barriers to performance. In other words, pushing too hard may create unsafe training scenarios and be counterproductive for making gains. Therefore, performance specialists and coaches dedicate time to each athlete discussing how to properly integrate recovery.

All Activ8 Private Training Memberships Include Access to All Athletic Recovery Tools

How Does Athletic Recovery help?

Improved Performance

When you recover, you give your body a chance to adapt to the stress that you put your body through with exercise.

Time For Body and Mind To Rest and Recover

Mental and physical stress can impede your ability to focus, interfere with mood.

Decreased Risk Of Inury

Training regimens emphasize the role of relieving soreness, to maximize performance and reduce risk of injury.


Developing athletes properly comes from a fine-tuned program that balances training and recovery.

That is why we choose to use recovery modalities for our athletes. Systems we use: 


Dynamic Air Compression

The Normatec 2.0 Full Body includes attachments for the legs, hips, and arms for the ultimate recovery experience. Promotes circulation and reduces lactic acid for faster muscle recovery. 



The first percussion massage device to deliver so much power so quietly, the original Hypervolt changed the game for premium percussion devices worldwide.


Back Wrap with Warmth

Venom Back amplifies the soothing power of heat with compression and vibration to melt away stress and tension on your core – it’s the best of both worlds.


Cold & Compression Therapy

Helps reduce opioid consumption, decrease pain and swelling, increase post-op range of motion, and may increase satisfaction with the recovery process. The system is now the injury and surgery recovery technology of choice for thousands of leading orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.


Cutting-edge EMS Device

Using Marc Pro after strenuous activity will speed the recovery process. Using Marc Pro before activity will help loosen and warm up muscles. And using Marc Pro regularly will improve the conditioning of your muscles allowing them to last longer and perform better.