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Who Is Activ8?

Activ8 has been training athletes for over 10 years in Carlsbad, California. Our Founder, TJ Moreno, was concerned over the amount of preventable injuries encountered on the field and lack of athletic development being coached. This observation led TJ to wanting to maximize the time an athlete spent with a sports performance coach – Focusing on maximizing performance, preventing injury, and increasing athlete longevity.

The approach is simple yet innovative: Enhance the Athlete/Coach relationship by creating a custom program based on specialized assessments and executed with the best performance and testing equipment. Allowing athletes to train with confidence.

A decade later the Activ8 team continues to transform athletes by placing their needs first. The expert team of technicians and specialists on staff are here to match every client’s passion to become the athletes they envision.

How Activ8 Works

Applying our methodology allows athletes to efficiently and consistently push their boundaries and break through performance barriers.

1 ⇒ Consultation

The Athletes specific goals for training are discussed along with the timeline to reach those goals.

2 ⇒ Assessment

Collection on data to include InBody Scan, movement analysis  and performance tests.

3 ⇒ Customized Program

Personalized training program will be created for new athletes designed around their specific goals.

4 ⇒ Activ8 Access

Complement private training sessions by following a plan designed by a performance coach specific to the athlete via our mobile app.

5 ⇒ Performance Recovery

Access to full recovery lounge. Mandatory part of an athletes training regimen to maximize performance and reduce the risk of injury.

6 ⇒ Reassessment

Depending on the intensity and duration of the personalized training program, each client will have periodic assessments.

All Activ8 Private Training Memberships Include Access to All Athletic Recovery Tools

Activ8 Amenities

No matter what your goals are, our coaching philosophy, state-of-the-art equipment and training programs are designed to optimize your performance

Who We Are

The Activ8 team consists of backgrounds in business, physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning ensuring safety and optimal performance in all training curriculums.

TJ Moreno

TJ Moreno

Founder & Director of Coaching

Born in LA, raised in San Diego, TJ founded Activ8 to apply his understanding in functional movement to elite athletes. His background in rehabilitation means athletes can expect training designed to prevent injury and focus on longevity. He identifies strength and flexibility deficiencies to create a custom training solution. Coach Moreno oversees all operations pertaining to the day-to-day athlete sessions, Pro Performance program and NFL Combine prep training program. Coach TJ has trained numerous athletes in the MLB, NFL, MLS, and Olympics and looks forward to training a new generation champions.

Loyola Marymount University: Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

Certifications: FMS Professional, Level 1 Certification, TPI, CPR and AED Certified

Jana Moreno

Jana Moreno

Business Development & Operations

Born and raised in North County San Diego. Jana joined the team after owning and operating a consulting firm for 9 years. She brings a dynamic, customer-focused mentality with experience in marketing and operations within the health, wellness and sports industry. Jana is a self-motivated, strategic thinker with a strong understanding of sales and marketing processes, able to adapt to shifting priorities and provide sound business insight for building operational excellence. She handles our operations, sales, marketing and business development. Skilled communicator versed at representing information in meaningful ways and distilling complex data sets into easy-to-understand insights.

National University: Master of Business Administration, Financial Management

Bachelor of Arts, Marketing Communications

Joey McCauley

Joey McCauley

Performance Coach

Originally from Houston Texas, Joey moved to San Diego to play basketball. For 4 years, He served in the United States Air Force, learning the importance of injury prevention and rehab while playing basketball for his Base team both in Pensacola Florida and Phoenix Arizona.

As a young athlete Joey used training as a way to narrow the gap among athletic peers. During this time, he experimented with different programs and methods of training to improve sport performance.

While earning his B.S., he worked in Physical Therapy and developed hands-on skills and knowledge for recovery and injury prevention.

Cal State University San Marcos: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Movement Science & Pre-Physical Therapy

Certifications: Applied Performance Coach Certification from Ramsey Nijem. First Aid, CPR, and AED Certified

Destination Location

As a destination location, we make sure our athletes have access to the resources they need. Our 10,000 sq ft. facility has certified professional grade field turf, plyometric training systems ie. Resistance and power training equipment like Keiser, Vertimax and Perch VBT system. As well as access to Normatec, Hyperice, Marc Pro, Game Ready and physical therapy. Athletes can be housed nearby the facility and enjoy a San Diego lifestyle for the entire training program.