Activ8 Performance Training Center

Located In Carlsbad 

Who Is Activ8?

Activ8’s Founder, TJ Moreno, was concerned over the amount of preventable injuries encountered in the field.  This observation led TJ to pursue a new offering in sports performance – a way to maximize performance, prevent injury, and increase longevity.

Activ8 has been training athletes for over 10 years in Carlsbad, California. The approach is simple yet innovative: create custom programs based on specialized assessments in order to maintain the long term health and safety of athletes. Applying this methodology allows athletes to efficiently and consistently push their boundaries and break through performance barriers. 

A decade later the Activ8 team continues to transform athletes by placing their needs first. The expert team of technicians and specialists on staff are here to match every client’s passion to become the athletes they envision. The Activ8 team consists of backgrounds in physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning ensuring safety and optimal performance in all training curriculums.

Activ8 Carlsbad Sports Performance Training Center

How Activ8 Works

Understanding the Athlete

During the initial consultation the athletes specific goals for training are discussed along with the timeline to reach those goals.

Getting a Baseline

The assessment involves the collection of data from two test: movement analysis and performance testing. The Performance test focuses on power, strength, agility, and metabolic conditioning. While the movement analysis focuses on joint integrity, range of motion, and spacial awareness.

Customized to Optimize

A personalized training program will be created for new clients designed around their specific goals. Each client is educated on how they will be progressed through the training program and the milestones they can expect to achieve at each interval. Where applicable supplementary home exercise or flexibility regimens will be provided to the client to maximize their performance gains.

Maximize Performance

Recovery is the mandatory part of an athletes training regimen to maximize performance and reduce the risk of injury. Recovery modalities such as passive and active stretching in addition to aquatic training are incorporated into the client’s personalized program.

Progress Check In

Depending on the intensity and duration of the personalized training program, each client will have periodic consultations with our performance specialists. These meetings will serve as objective measures to ensure that the client is appropriately progressing to their performance goals. Clients will objectively see the performance gains that were made through the training program.

“If you’re looking to improve your strength and skills as an athlete, this is the place. The coaches are the real deal and get you where you need to be as an athlete. Everyone is always working hard and it’s a great motivating atmosphere to be around!”

Carson H.

Baseball Player

Activ8 Amenities


Plyometric training systems, resistance, and power training equipment.


Indoor certified professional grade field turf.


A full length court on site.


Recovery modalities such as Normatec, game ready, hypervolt.


Activ8 offers aquatic training where applicable.

TJ Moreno

TJ Moreno

Founder / Director

TJ founded Activ8 to apply his understanding in functional movement to elite athletes. His background in rehabilitation means athletes can expect training designed to prevent injury and focus on longevity. TJ performs all new client evaluations. He identifies strength and flexibility deficiencies to create a custom training solution. Each Activ8 client’s training program is specifically designed to realize their goals. Coach Moreno oversees all operations pertaining to the Pro Performance program and NFL Combine prep training program. Coach TJ has trained numerous athletes in the MLB, NFL, MLS, and Olympics and looks forward to training a new generation champions.

Loyola Marymount University: Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
Certifications: FMS Professional, Level 1 Certification, TPI, CPR and AED Certified

Travis Hutchinson, DPT

Travis Hutchinson, DPT

Physical Therapist

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Travis Hutchinson’s interest in sports physical therapy began as a young football and baseball athlete. He has interned with professional teams such as the LA Dodgers and since that time worked with various pro and college athletes. Travis specializes in preventive, recovery, and rehabilitative musculoskeletal treatment, helping patients enhance their performance and reach their goals of returning to high levels of activity.

Arizona State University: Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Wellness
University of St.Augustine: Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Iain Holman

Iain Holman

Performance Coach

Hailing from Burlington, Ontario, Canada Iain Holman moved to Clovis, Ca where he played varsity basketball.

While earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Applied Exercise Science from California State University, Iain played division 2 MCLA lacrosse.

He currently coaches as a faceoff specialist/assistant for the men’s team at CSUSM, and conducts research at CSUSM in the Exercise Physiology department.

CSU San Marcos: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology