Team Training

A Team That Trains Together Wins Together.

Our Performance Sports Training Sessions Focus on Specific Strength and Conditioning Related to Each Specific Sport.

Grow and Compete as A Unit.

Team Training programs are designed for the whole sports team. Activ8’s specialists work in conjunction with head coaches, and team leadership, to complement their endeavors on the field to achieve new performance goals. Therefore, performance Sports Training with teammates is a fantastic way to develop accountability. Training for sports transfers to better performance, lower injury risk and increased competitive longevity. In addition, athletes can expect a high intensity, focused training session geared towards developing the athlete through our 8 principles of athleticism.

Activ8 Team Training with Vista Storm Soccer Club

The goal here at Activ8 is to educate athletes! Teach them how to run faster. Show them how to lift weights properly. Stress to them the importance of recovery. In addition, Activ8 is here to increase the productivity and extend the longevity of athletes! 

Teams We Have Trained:

Activ8 Carlsbad Team Training
  • 6th Man Sports Group Basketball
  • Carlsbad High School Lacrosse
  • Cal State San Marcos Lacrosse
  • La Costa Canyon High School Lacrosse
  • La Costa Canyon Pop Warner
  • Pacific Coast Hoops Basketball – Boys and Girls Club
  • Sage Creek High School Girls Soccer
  • Saints Hockey
  • San Diego 9 Baseball Club
  • San Diego Sockers
  • San Marcos Pop Warner
  • Venom Baseball
  • Vista Storm Soccer Club

    Each Performance Sports Team Training Session is designed with the specific sport in mind.

    For instance, with soccer athletes, we work on speed, agility, and quickness through a series of ladder drills. The footwork control is key for soccer players as it translates out on the field.

    Activ8 ran a 12-week training program with my club soccer team. I was so impressed by the improvement in my girls speed, strength, and overall agility. The first week they were tested on speed, strength, and flexibility and again on the last week of training. The results were amazing to be able to see on paper. From a coaching standpoint it even gave me some new insight on players that inspired me to try them in new positions. Some of those positional changes have already made a positive impact for our team. I highly recommend their training programs. All of their trainers have earned my trust in working diligently towards helping our players not only grow as athletes physically, but also provide an aspect of mental strength and motivation.

    Coach Alex Ramirez

    Team: Vista Storm Soccer Club

    Team: A Group of Players Coming Together to Achieve a Common Goal…WINNING! ⁠

    Vista Storm, ‘04 girls doing some in season strength and conditioning. In season team training in crucial because it will give athletes the competitive edge by making them faster and stronger, while preventing injuries with recovery exercises and modalities. In addition, for soccer players we look to prevent a lot of knee and ankle injuries by strengthening the stabilizer muscles, increasing flexibility/mobility, and examining running/jumping/landing mechanics.

    It’s important to always train to not only help yourself become the best athlete you can be but to be a strong and supportive teammate. ⁠Therefore, Performance Sports Training maximizes efficiency while following the teamwork ethics.

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    Performance Sports Training Gets Athletes to Perform Better Out on The Field!⁠⠀

    When we work with basketball athletes, some of the performance sports training we do is focused on acceleration to deceleration. Being able to stop and start is CRUCIAL for basketball players! In other words, a one speed player is easy to guard, but a player who can hesitate and switch up their speed is tough.
    In addition, working on plyometrics to increase their vertical jump! There are many important reasons for basketball players to have a high vertical jump.
    For instance, basketball players elevating over a defender for a shot, winning a jump ball, being able to dunk, high pointing a rebound, blocking a shot…

    I’m the Head Coach of an elite 11U travel baseball team based in Carlsbad. My team started training this fall at Activ8 and I can already see the boys reaping the benefits of the strength and conditioning in games. Not only are they faster and stronger, they have more confidence when playing against older and more physically mature teams. I highly recommend Activ8.

    Coach John Lukin

    TEAM: SD9 Baseball

    Performance Sports Training Does Not Only Improve Athletes Individually but Enhances the Cohesiveness of The Team. 

    As A Result, Create Team Camaraderie Outside of Practice with Performance Sports Training.