Train For The Biggest Interview Of Your Life.

NBA Combine Training

Our team works with athletes 1 on 1 to maximize the individual abilities of each NBA prospect, ensuring they make the necessary steps to a successful Combine.

With Preparation Comes Success

Performance Consultation

Athletes go through a comprehensive movement screen aimed to provide the tools to develop a power and efficient system.

Activ8 Analytics

Using Science to drive solutions. Personalized training programs are derived from proven research data. Daily progress is tracked and analyzed.

Nutrition / Advanced Body Metrics

Through our guidance and InBody 570. Athletes receive nutritional supplements and recovery shakes. A personalized meal plan available upon request.

Strength & Power Development

Hyper-focused on “waking up” the nervous system in order to enhance the stretch-shortening cycle. Resulting in a faster, more explosive, and precise athlete.

 Movement & Speed Training

Stand out where it matters most. Your performance training is built around you. Utilizing the Smart Speed timing gate system and jump mat provides accurate, reliable, and validated data.

Recovery & Performance Therapy

An essential aspect of our program is the implementation of an integrated, holistic daily pre-rehabilitation routine.

Built Around Your Needs

At Activ8 we believe every component of the NBA Combine training program is a stepping stone in reaching your final outcome of catching the eyes of NBA scouts.

Our team of experts has a proven track record of developing athletes into the best version of themselves. The pathway of Activ8’s program is designed to have each player’s performance peak at the NBA Combine.

Personalized Training Program

Each prospect in our combine training program receives a personalized training program which will exceed their personal goals and test their physical limitations to ensure maximum results are achieved.

Consistent training in our system results in steady progress in the areas of balance, control, power, flexibility, coordination, stability, and rhythm.

Types of Training:

Standing Vertical Leap
Max Vertical Leap
Shuttle Run
Lane Agility
Three Quarter Sprint
Interview Prep


Developing athletes properly comes from a fine-tuned program that balances training and recovery.

That is why we choose to use recovery modalities for our athletes. Systems we use:


Dynamic Air Compression




Warm Wrap


Cold & Compression


EMS Device

Get Ahead of the Competition By Returning Your Body to Full Health Quickly and Efficiently

Destination Location

As a destination location, we make sure our athletes have access to the resources they need. Our 10,000 sq ft. facility has certified professional grade field turf, plyometric training systems ie. Resistance and power training equipment like Keiser, Vertimax and Perch VBT system. As well as access to Normatec, Hyperice, Marc Pro, Game Ready and physical therapy. Athletes can be housed nearby the facility and enjoy a San Diego lifestyle for the entire training program.

Leave It All On The Court

The Activ8 NBA Combine Prep training program is geared toward preparing Elite Basketball Athletes to showcase their abilities during the Combine.

Choosing Activ8 as your training facility will prepare you to dominate drills and become a standout performer.