Activ8 Is An Elite Athletic Performance Training and Recovery Center in Coastal Carlsbad, San Diego

Our goal is to improve every client’s athletic performance and development through our customized approach. We achieve optimal training performance by analyzing, correcting, developing, and progressing one’s natural movement patterns. Activ8’s sports science and medical expertise ensures safety and an innovative program design.

Since Our Founding in 2011, Activ8 has Become a Leader in Athlete Performance and Recovery in San Diego.

We accomplish our athlete’s goals through our methodologies, facility, equipment, services, and expert team of performance technicians. Our team comprises backgrounds in exercise science, physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning ensuring safety and optimal performance in all training curriculums

Understand and Apply

Our curriculums are designed around each athlete understanding how movements should look and feel then applying that knowledge real time. 

Activ8 is an experience I will never forget! The entire staff there is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. They were not only supportive coaches but easily became the friends you know will always have your back whenever you need them. I spent 4 months of strengthening and conditioning with Activ8 after rehabbing from an ACL and meniscus surgery, which happened to be the best decision! I worked mainly with Coach TJ who knew exactly what I could and needed to do in order to get back to a D1 athlete performance. He carefully crafted programs that would challenge me but gave me the confidence I needed to recover for my preseason training. One special touch about Activ8 is the knowledge they share with their clients. Being injured automatically made me more cautious about the movements I was performing, but the guidance the coaching staff offered gave me a better understanding of where to focus my attention while performing movements. Understanding why movements are performed specific ways or where to focus my energy was extremely valuable information that not many other coaches explain to their athletes.

D1 ATHLETE: Sydney S.

SPORT: Volleyball

Our Programs and Coaching Systems are Designed to Develop Movement Patterns as it Relates to Sports and to Maximize an Individual’s Athletic Potential. 



Train One-on-One to Reach Maximum Potential.


Small Group Training Sessions to Optimize
Every Adult Athlete’s Fitness Capabilities.


A Team Who Trains Together, Wins Together.

Regardless Of Your Sport or Your Level of Competition, Use the Time Between Seasons Wisely


Athletes Are Made In The Off-Season.


Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Come Get Ready For Combine.

Get Ahead of the Competition By Returning Your Body to Full Health Quickly and Efficiently


Ensure Optimum Training and Performance.

Activ8 is Focused on Educating Each Client through Coaching Athletes How to Run Faster, Lift Weights Properly and Stressing the Importance of Recovery.

We Are Here to Increase the Productivity and Extend the Longevity of Athletes!

Membership On The Go

Activ8’s online training programs give you the “Activ8 Athlete” experience through our mobile platform. The online training derives from the same athletic development and fitness training programs at our Carlsbad facility. These programs and exercises are used with our professional athletes and everyday athletes/clients.

Activ8 Online Training App - Membership On The Go