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Activ8 Sports Performance Center
Now offering virtual Training!
Activ8 is an athletic performance and recovery center

Our goal is to improve every client’s athletic performance and development through a customized approach.  We achieve optimal athletic performance by analyzing, correcting, developing, and progressing one’s natural movement patterns. Activ8’s sports science and medical expertise ensures safety and an innovative program design. 

Private Training
Train one on one to reach maximum potential.
Athletic Performance Classes
Semi-private classes to optimize every athlete’s fitness capabilities.
Team Training
A team who trains together wins together.
Recovery / Regeneration
Training and competing is stressful on the body. Our focus on Recovery gets you ahead of the competition by returning your body to full health quickly and efficiently. This ensures optimum training and performance.
Pro Performance
Athletes are made in the off-season.
NFL Combine / Pro Day
Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Come get ready for the Combine.
Membership on the Go

Train like an Activ8 athlete whenever and wherever you want. Members can enjoy our online training app full of custom gym workouts easily view able on your mobile device, computer, or tablet. 


Activ8 Now

Excellence is a journey. Join us to take the next step. Schedule your consultation with a performance specialist today.