Private Training

Maximize Your Development and Goals
Optimize Your Training Sessions
Make It About You

Enhance your training by taking it to the next level with a coach in your corner every step of the way

The one-on-one setting allows us to build a relationship to gain a better understanding of the athlete and continuously personalize the training experience accelerating their athletic performance.

Improvement must be tracked through constant testing and data analytics, however, mental fortitude, effort, and grit are all things that numbers, and machines cannot track. Consistent reps in the weight room along with the right mindset will develop in athletic traits that translates to becoming a better athlete. 

Where Elite Athletes Train

The performance private training program takes a holistic approach to efficiently achieve optimal athletic performance in the specified time period. With the use of some of our performance equipment/modalities we are able to track each individual rep real time and provide immediate feedback to maximize results ensuring the athlete is wining each training session.

Customized Program For Each Athlete

Activ8 coaches provide a face-to-face performance consultation discussing the goals of the athlete. We actively listen to the athlete’s history to develop the custom roadmap to their future.

Performance Recovery

Developing athletes properly comes from a fine-tuned program that balances training and recovery.

Increased Performance & Longevity

At every step along each athlete’s journey, we assess and measure progression. Coaches then refine their applied methodology and techniques to directly match the athlete’s evolution.

Data Collection

Tracking and monitoring using cutting edge training and technology built around our 8 pillars of athleticism.

How Activ8 Works

Applying our methodology allows athletes to efficiently and consistently push their boundaries and break through performance barriers.

1 ⇒ Consultation

The Athletes specific goals for training are discussed along with the timeline to reach those goals.

2 ⇒ Assessment

Collection on data to include InBody Scan, movement analysis  and performance tests.

3 ⇒ Customized Program

Personalized training program will be created for new athletes designed around their specific goals.

4 ⇒ Activ8 Access

Complement private training sessions by following a plan designed by a performance coach specific to the athlete via our mobile app.

5 ⇒ Performance Recovery

Access to full recovery lounge. Mandatory part of an athletes training regimen to maximize performance and reduce the risk of injury.

6 ⇒ Reassessment

Depending on the intensity and duration of the personalized training program, each client will have periodic assessments.

All Activ8 Private Training Memberships Include Access to All Athletic Recovery Tools

Activ8 Private Training Membership Options

All private memberships get access to recovery lounge and online program development through our training app

Platinum Membership

8 Private Training Sessions per Month

Gold Membership

4 Private Training Sessions per Month

Silver Membership

2 Private Training Sessions per Month


Our performance coaches train and execute both programs for each individual athlete simultaneously while providing a “private” training experience.

Destination Location

As a destination location, we make sure our athletes have access to the resources they need. Our 10,000 sq ft. facility has certified professional grade field turf, plyometric training systems ie. Resistance and power training equipment like Keiser, Vertimax and Perch VBT system. As well as access to Normatec, Hyperice, Marc Pro, Game Ready and physical therapy