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The one-on-one setting allows us to build a relationship to gain a better understanding of the athlete and continuously personalize the training experience. The performance private training program takes a holistic approach to efficiently achieve optimal athletic performance in the specified time period. With the use of some our performance equipment/modalities we are able to track each individual rep real time and provide immediate feedback to maximize results ensuring the athlete is wining each training session.

Activ8 Sports Performance Private Training

Regardless Of Your Sport or Your Level of Competition, Use the Time Between Seasons Wisely.

Activ8 Private Traing

Get A Customized Program

Activ8 coaches provide a face-to-face consultation discussing the goals of the athlete. We actively listen to the athlete's history to develop the custom roadmap to their future.

Activ8 Private Training

Increased Performance and Longevity 

At every step along each athlete’s journey, we assess and measure their progression. Coaches can then refine their applied methodology and techniques to directly match the athlete’s evolution

Improvement must be tracked through pre & post testing however mental fortitude, effort, and grit are all things that numbers, and machines cannot track. It is developing athletic traits like this that translates to becoming a better athlete. 

If you’re looking to improve your strength and skills as an athlete, this is the place. The coaches are the real deal and get you where you need to be as an athlete. Everyone is always working hard and it’s a great motivating atmosphere to be around!

ATHLETE: Carson H.

SPORT: Baseball

Activ8 Private Training Membership Options

All private memberships get access to recovery lounge and online program development through our training app









2 Private Training Sessions / Month + Customized Month-Long Training Program.









4 Private Training Sessions / Month + Customized Month-Long Training Program.









8 Private Training Sessions / Month + Customized Month-Long Training Program.

At Activ8 all of the trainers bring you in like family. When I first started everyone there would help me find my way around until I was comfortable. All the trainers are amazing and really nice and they work me to my limit so that I can get better in my sports. In my almost year with Activ8 my vert went up 11 inches and I fell way faster and stronger on the basketball court


SPORT: Basketball


Have you ever wanted to train with a friend, sibling, or teammate?

Our performance coaches will train and execute both programs for each individual athlete simultaneously while providing a "private feel" experience.


It is great to train in a semi-private setting because individuals can push and motivate each other.


This is great for teammates, friends, and siblings to build a deeper bond outside of the daily norm. ⁠

When retired last year from 24 years of service in the military. There was a feeling to continue with my human performance training that I conducted while in to assist with my injuries. From shopping around and going to other gyms i went to Activ8 and it has been the best place for me to stay competitive as an athlete and to maintain strength, flexibility, endurance. With a one on one workout per week with a trained performance specialist it has helped me to continue with my golf game being able to walk three rounds per week while maintaining focus on my golf game and not being tired. Whatever it is your looking for in training or being an athlete or getting that competitive edge I 100% recomend Activ8 for their professional training and knowledge when it comes to you and your specific training requirements.

Click W.

Retired Military and Golfer