Athletic Performance Group Training

Semi-Private Classes To Push You To The Next Level

Athletic Performance Training is Geared Towards Adults Looking to Stay in Shape while Training Like an Athlete! 

Specialized. Customized. Effective.

Activ8’s group athletic performance training classes look to push athletes, weekend warriors, and those looking to invest in reaching their fitness potential. Each class is athletic based and focused on developing the athlete’s longevity and performance

Group classes allow athletes to reach their fitness goals while reducing their risk of injury

Activ8’s classes are 60-minutes long and are led by one of Activ8’s  Performance Coaches.

Our Athletic Performance Training Program Offers a Variety of Exercises and Class Styles that Focus on Developing Core Strength, Flexibly, Mobility, Functional Strength and Conditioning.

The training team at Activ8 is top class. Dan, TJ, and Andrew are superb leaders and trainers. Their knowledge in kinesiology and biomechanics really shows every time I take a Performance Fitness Class. I’ve been training here for over a year and I feel like a pro athlete every time I take part in a class. Each class I learn a new movement, I learn what the exercise movement is supposed to improve, and how to properly conduct the exercise. They also take prep, warm up and stretching very seriously which I find most important. I’m almost 30, but the people who take the classes are from all ages and demographics. They create a real team environment in the Performance Fitness sessions. There is always activity going on at Activ8 and you can feel the energy when you walk through the door. The one thing I wish I could change though is more performance fitness classes offered in the evening. But if you want to train like the pro’s, train at Activ8.


SPORT: Basketball

Our Athletic Performance Training Program is Designed to Help Weekend Warriors and Fitness Enthusiasts Alike.⁣⠀


We Offer TWO Classes A Day.

TWO Days A Week.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday



Up to 3 times / week

Athletic Performance Training Memberships Include Access to All Athletic Recovery Tools


Activ8 Athletic Recovery

Some of the systems we use:

Dynamic compression that promotes circulation and reduces lactic acid for faster muscle recovery. For legs, hip and arms.

Cold compression therapy system for acute and chronic injury recovery.

Percussion therapy accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body.

Cutting-edge EMS device that delivers the most effective muscle recovery available.

Athletic Recovery Is an Important Aspect of a Training Program, Especially for The Elite Athlete. 

Activ8 is the best gym I have been in, throughout my life. Yes, I said throughout my life. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have NEVER experienced anything like Activ8. Yes, Activ8 has a lot of what other gym’s have; equipment, instructors, etc. But, what they offer in the way of class size(max 8) and their unique ability to connect with an attendee of one of their classes is truly second to none. Not only do TJ, Dan and Andrew connect with each of us, but they know when one of us is dealing with an injury and they then make an effort to adapt our workout on the spot allowing them to still get the benefit of showing up. By the way, I have been attending for over 3 years (I think) and have never had the same workout in that time. Yes, we do some of the same exercises, but the workout is never the same. As an athlete that has played sports at every level, I would recommend this to anyone and would challenge you to find something better. My classmates/instructors encourage me and know when I am not around for a bit and want to know if all is well. I am lucky that I have found Activ8, now you need to come on in and experience what I have. I challenge you to do just that! Now go! Really, go!


SPORT: Baseball

Whether you’re playing games on the weekends or looking to improve those long hikes this is the program to help you become a better you!⁣⠀

Maintaining flexibility and mobility is key for those of you who lead an active lifestyle. 

Functional training sessions that incorporate joint integrity (mobility, flexibility and strength) should be a pillar in your training regimen. 

Without functional movements and exercises, small muscle groups can continue to stay dormant or underutilized which could lead to irritations and nagging injuries. 

Our Athletic Performance Group Training Programs Amplify your Active Lifestyle by Focusing on Training Strategies that Improve Athletic Capacity. Not only will you Improve your Quality of Life, but you will also Reduce your Risk of Injury.⁠⠀

Activ8 is by far the best gym I have ever been a member of! I started going to Activ8 about 10 years ago, I am now in my mid 50’s, I enjoy staying competitive in many outdoor activities including league sports such as Flag Football & Softball. Without the advantage of working with the Team of coaches at Activ8, there is no way I would be able to stay as healthy and competitive as I have.

Activ8 Athlete, Greg C.

League Athlete