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Off Season Training to Develop Your Game

Athletes Are Made In The Off Season

Last Seasons Outcome is the Ultimate Motivator.

Off season training allows time to dedicate resources to learning how to move properly, build muscle, and work on mobility and power training. During competition, rigorous stress is put on the body. Time away allows athletes to focus on their health and athletic development. Activ8 takes full advantage of the off season to develop one’s game and address the performance of their body with off season training.

off season training

Off Season Training is Where Real Athletes are Created

It’s important for any athlete to take care of their body in order to increase their athletic career.

Activ8 knows how to take care of athletes before, during and after their career.

Importance of Off Season Training

The perfect time to get your body in shape for next season. With adequate time comes the ability to dedicate a serious amount of hours to training. Training goes far beyond lifting weights and running.

An average week for our professional athletes entails close to 20 hours a week “training”. 

off season training

My experience at Activ8 was phenomenal. The workouts were positon specific, and the atmosphere was comfortable. Also the music was on point.

Eddie Goldman

Chicago Bears

Whether you came up short or out on top, you’ve got something to prove. ⁠


off season training


Each professional athlete will receive an initial performance consultation consisting of an extensive analysis of their body, movement and goals.


Work with a Performance Specialist who helps to push and support an athlete to meet their off season training goals.


Includes everything an athlete needs to recover to help keep them reach optimal performance.


Access to all performance data collected throughout off season training.

Here at Activ8, we support your road to recovery to help maximize your body’s strength potential to prepare you for the upcoming seasons. ⁠Our goal is to restore any size, strength, and power that may have been lost while injured to help you become the athlete you were before, but better.


Activ8 Athletic Recovery

Some of the systems we use:

Dynamic compression that promotes circulation and reduces lactic acid for faster muscle recovery. For legs, hip and arms.

Cold compression therapy system for acute and chronic injury recovery.

Percussion therapy accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body.

Cutting-edge EMS device that delivers the most effective muscle recovery available.

Activ8’s Goal Is To Create Career Longevity And Sustain The Optimal Performance Of Every Athlete

Athletes spend countless hours practicing, developing strength, improving flexibility, healing, recovering, eating clean and sleeping well. Off season training is a necessary component to prepare for the season. 

Off Season Training

Come Train Where the Pros Train.