In the current world of what ifs and unknowns, we find ourselves falling out of routines and normalcy. Struggling to find a training routine? 

Activ8 Now makes it easy and convenient for you to get back on the saddle and attack your fitness and athletic goals.

Are you one of the countless athletes currently learning how to cope with social distancing? 

We’ve all had to make changes in our everyday lives, some more than others. One aspect of our life that should always take precedence over the chaos around us is our health and athletic training.

As an athlete, our goal is always to be ready. What are you doing to stay in shape and make it count when your number is called on? 

As athletes, we understand that even with a changing environment, we still learn to adapt quickly and get the work in. It’s times like these that we learn how to get creative with our time and resources. The playing field has evened with social distancing taken into effect. What are you doing to get ahead of your competition? Our goal is to build machines during this time of uncertainty. Take advantage of the extra time and work on your craft. Ask our team of specialists how you can take control of this time and maximize it! Development never stops and neither should you. 

The show must go on!

Though we cannot be together in the traditional way, we’ve gotten creative with how we train our athletes. Through adversity creates opportunity. Remember, exercise releases feel-good endorphins that can help during these isolating and challenging times. Many people have already started adjusting their routines to fit their new at-home reality. What are you doing to become a better you and athlete? 

Isolation is tough, let Activ8 help you control one piece. Establishing a routine and sticking to it eases the stress and creates a foundation for success. Do your best to stick to your normal routine to achieve success and beat the temptation of procrastination. A couple of examples can be workout and train at your normal times, get 8 hours of sleep, and stick to your normal diet as much as possible. 

We break our training down into 4 categories:

Functional, Metabolic, Core, and Power

We’ve included samples of our online training programs.  

Before every training session, make sure you get a good warm up in (get a good playlist going):

 Day 1: Functional

The FUNCTIONAL class is based on functional strength complimenting functional movement.

Includes: Linear, Lateral, Multi-directional field work, Multi-joint strength exercises

Day 2: Metabolic

The METABOLIC class is high-intensity interval training designed to accelerate fat burn through agility training and muscular endurance resistance training.

Day 3: Core

The CORE class consists of our glutes, abdomen, obliques, muscles in the low and mid-back as well as muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Day 4: Power

The POWER class is geared toward developing neuromuscular strength as well as hypertrophy through high to moderate set, low to moderate repetition multi-join and single-joint lifting of heavy weights.

Attack your goals in the comfort of your own home or on the road. Virtual Private Training provides you the tools and plan to train around your schedule and constraints.

Virtual private training consists of… 
👉 An initial comprehensive performance/movement virtual consultation 

👉 2, 45-minute training sessions/week with a performance specialist providing a guided walkthrough of the training session, video analysis of mechanics/exercises

👉 1 month long training program executed through our Activ8 Athlete training app*. 

*App provides step by step instructions and videos of each exercise. In the comfort of your own home or on the road traveling, Activ8 Now will be there to help achieve your athletic goals and keep you committed and accountable. 


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