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As we anxiously watch the covid-19 numbers rise in Southern California, we brace ourselves for what could be another lockdown, another blow to small businesses. This time, we’re humbled, exhausted, and dazed, yet we are optimistic.

The virus has swept through this earth at a rapid pace. One thing that keeps us powering forward is that we know we are not in this fight alone. We are actively staying on top of our mental and physical health. With the doom and gloom of the news media coverage, we can maximize the time we have with our clients to feel normal if only for 60 minutes.  

After all the difficulties that 2020 has allowed us to experience, we are still here fighting. Fighting for our clients, our employees, our livelihoodour company and most importantly, our rights.  

We have the right to question how government mandates the shutdown of facilities that offer support in the form of mental and physical health.

Back in March 2020, when we were initially shutdown, we had no idea of what we were fighting. Now we do. 

We are in an industry where health is something we work on daily. We get our athletes bigger, faster, stronger and in a lot of cases, we are a mental release. The war we are fighting is bigger than this virus, it is a war on the mind. If we cannot get over our mental hurdle, how can we give our bodies a fighting chance 

As a world, we are hurting. The simple pleasures in life we took for granted, have now been removed without warning. The releases we had, are gone. So where do we turn? We are human. Vices we once grew apart from are now coming back to haunt some 

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve all learned to change and adapt, quickly. As business owners, we have had to throw out everything that has worked in the past to shape shift and comply with our new reality. The unknown. 

On one sideThere are more cases. There are bigger spikes. There are more deaths.  

On the other sideThere is more research. There is more data. There are more facts. 

Now, where can we find that happy place in between, where we are able to responsibly conduct business while doing our part to slow the spread? 

We understand that not every training center is the same, not every owner takes the same precautions. But, what about the facilities who DO and ARE implementing the changes and complying? 

As a training center business owner, here are some ideas:

  • Provide masks for all employees and ensure they are wearing masks while training clients.
  • Temperature checks every client before they can walk through the door.
  • When applicable, employees will also wear gloves for your added protection.
  • Create a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting protocol.
  • Perform touchless temperature checks at our entrance for both employees and clients. Anyone reading a 99.0 F or greater will not be allowed admittance into the facility.
  • Post safe-reopening plan in the front window in addition to various signage throughout the facility to serve as a constant reminder of the safety regulations in place.
  • Limit the maximum capacity in facility to 10 people to ensure adequate social distancing and space. 
  • Make hand sanitation stations available for use. 
  • Equipment must be sanitized and disinfected after each use. 
  • Do not offer any handshakes, fist bumps, etc. 
  • Athletes have the option to train with a mask on or off. 

Yes, it is asking a lot. It’s costly, time-consuming but necessary. For now, at least.  

…now, what if I told you that Activ8 has been doing this since we have been allowed to open back up.  

We are doing our partAs business owners, as members of our community, as humans. 

Not to mention, the huge blow to our bottom line, which pays for normal expenses, by limiting the number of athletes in the building, eliminating group training and the added costs of sanitization, gloves, masks, the list goes on and on. Not all training center models will be able to adapt and add expenses for these additional costs. 

As with everyone, we are digesting the information as we receive it. We are breaking it down and dissecting the details to support the betterment of this community.  

We ask that if not the world then the United States of America view the fitness facilities, training centers, gyms, as essential.  

We are a part of the solution, not the problem. 

Petitions you can sign in support of gyms everywhere: 

California Fitness Alliance

Class Pass 


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