For most athletes the summertime is full of travel sports, camps, clinics, private sessions, training, vacation, and fun. To think we cram all of this into an 8-week window is crazy but true. There are many training opportunities for you this summer! This blog serves as a guide to help balance all the things that go on during summer and remind you to not lose sight that you’re still a kid and still need to have fun.

Summer Training: Activ8 Athleticism


We all have our own ideas as to how we balance it all. As a former high school and collegiate athlete, I, Coach Dan, can attest to how much I wanted to relax while equally being motivated to train, push and prepare myself for next season. And spending time with family, friends, working, going on vacation, and of course chipping away at those summer assignments {doing them on the last night of summer}. If you don’t have your summer planned out, by the time it’s over you’ll look back and regret not maximizing your time. My tip: write everything you want to do this summer down on a piece of paper. I know, you’re freaking out right now because you have to go back to the stone age and use primitive tools like pens, pencils, and papers. Write them all down. Hang that paper on the wall next to your light switch. Every day you’ll have to look at it. Once you’ve completed it, simply cross it off and move on to the next. This isn’t some radical tip, I know that, but it’s a way to hold yourself accountable to what you want to accomplish this summer.


Time to execute your game plan. No different than sports, we know what we want to accomplish and we work day to day, week to week and month to month to make it happen. After you write your list, plan out each item. #1.) Train three times a week – find a gym capable of allowing you to do that. Make the commitment and sign up. Don’t let it linger, if you don’t act now time will pass and most likely you’ll miss registration, missing out on some great summer training opportunities. Letting this happen already means you’ve lost the ability to cross one item off your list. “I’ll do it later” is not in your vocabulary this summer, having that attitude leads to unaccomplished goals. Another tip, use Reminders on your phone. Set yourself reminders for the hard stuff that you’ll push back. These reminders serve as a wake-up call. The last tip, don’t reward yourself too much. So you worked out today, worked your job, and had lunch with a friend, time to… do nothing! NOOO. Strike while the iron’s hot. Ride that wave of motivation, you might not cross another thing off your list that day but you may be able to devise a plan to cross it off later and that level of planning is a major step toward achieving your next goal.


Wait, are you telling me I can’t binge on my favorite tv show, stay up late and that I shouldn’t feel guilty for being in bed till past lunch time? Again, NOOO. The opportunity to do that is now! But is it justified? Have you earned it? It all goes back to balance, and everyone’s rendition thereof. As long as those items are being crossed off your list I think it’s totally ok and warranted. Remember, sleep is key to reaching your full potential both in life and in sports. Especially if you’re training hard. Check this video out from Dr. Meeta Singh.

Summer Training: Activ8 Athleticism

What will you make of your summer? 

It’s May now but how will you feel in August. Are you going to gain the muscle you wanted to put on, see the family members you haven’t seen since Christmas, reduce your 40 yd dash time, go to that concert, save some money? If you get anything from this Blog hopefully it’s that planning is everything. Being reactionary this summer will make it nearly impossible to do everything you want to do. You can fit it all in, but it starts with a solid game plan. Don’t say “I’ll do it later”. That always ends up translating to “I’ll say I’m going to do it, but I’ll really just put it off to the point where it’s impossible to accomplish”. Maximize your time, write your goals down to make them real, use the technology we have at our fingertips, and take advantage of all your training opportunities. Trust me, at the end of summer when you look at all the items crossed off your list you won’t feel like it passed you by.

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