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You’ve hit a plateau in your game. Powers not quite where you want it and your speeds stagnant. More practice may help a little but how do you see significant developments in these areas you ask? Weight training.

Hopefully, as you read that you didn’t imagine a bench press and some of your parents old rusty weights that sit in the garage. Weight training has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past 15 years. The bodybuilding style of weight training has now been replaced with scientifically proven exercises that develop power and speed while being tailored to athletes, better known as Functional training. This blog serves as a time to clear the air and let you know that it’s good old fashioned weights that can help you be a better tennis player.


The common narrative has popularized Functional training. Problem is, most people have no clue what it means. Functional training is a training principle that aims to train movements, predominantly compound movements (multiple muscles). An example of this would be a squat. Squats are one of the few “old school” exercises that incorporate multiple muscles during a single movement. Now, to be clear, Activ8 isn’t the biggest fan of the back squats due to the risk reward but it’s a good example to use since most athletes know/understand how to do it.

Back Day, Chest Day, Leg Day, Arm Day… The Arnold Way:

For those of you not familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger he was a famous bodybuilder, and not a famous tennis player. We hear it all the time, “oh, yesterday was a killer leg day”. What we want to hear, “wait, you’re telling me every day is leg day?”. Following a training program of leg day, chest day and back day is great if you want to compete in a bodybuilding competition and not if you want to be better at tennis. For tennis athletes, the focus must be on training the lower body and upper body twice each week, bare minimum. We love to do splits in our training for tennis players. An example of a split would be lower body pull, upper body push (in the same session).

Take a look at two functional exercises that follow this UB push and LB pull:

Tennis Training Activ8 Athleticism

Speed can improve by getting stronger?

Yes, as a matter of fact, one of the key components to speed is force.


If an athlete can learn to move heavy weight, properly and quickly, good things relative to speed. Our focus is always to make sure athletes are doing an exercise right first and foremost and then after that our goal is for them to move weight quickly. Check out one of the best bodyweight exercises a tennis player can do to help improve their speed.

Always seek professional help prior to attempting an exercise.

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