Maximizing Athletic Performance: Training Tips for Adult Athletes

Maximizing Athletic Performance: Training Tips for Adult Athletes

Whether you’re training for team sports, endurance sports, or aiming to improve your physical fitness for life, our Athletic Performance Group Training is for you. There are biological factors that creep up on us as we age for both men and women. Muscle mass loss, joint pain, loss of mobility, and balance are factors we are consistently warned about without much advice on how to combat these effects. You can change the narrative with smart, intentional strength training strategies to improve your athletic performance.  

Adult training programs in “common practice” tend to neglect power training, proper mobility, strength intervention, and personalization. At Activ8, we believe in pushing the envelope safely and effectively. We believe every athlete has the potential to perform optimally and prioritize themselves in their busy day to day life.  

Change is easier and longer lasting with the right environment.

Activ8’s team of coaches understand the gaps that smart, functional strength training can fill while providing many options of an exercise variation so everyone can train with an exercise tailored to their abilities.

This team camaraderie will make you feel like you’re right back on the field.   

When we’re younger, we can get away with “DIY”ing our training or forgetting to warm-up before a run. Post college or athletic career, our bodies may need extra attention in areas you didn’t acknowledge before…cue your back talking to you at 3pm on a Monday. If this is you, it may be time to upgrade to sports performance training programs that suit your life in the present, not the program you were given in college.  

Every athletic performance training class starts with guided mobility and muscle activation drills. Your coach will then explain and demonstrate a mix of strength and power exercises for the day. The class incorporates exercises to target full body for optimal performance. There will also be a cardiovascular challenge during the class to improve lung & heart function. The goal is to improve muscle tone, endurance, mobility, balance, and cardiovascular health. 

This program is suited for anyone local to Carlsbad for group training who are trying to level up in their sport, athletic endeavor, and/or change body composition.

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