Football season doesn’t end after the Super Bowl. In fact, fans of America’s most popular sport should know an exciting new league starts just a few days after the NFL wraps up its 2018 season— the Alliance of American Football. The Alliance of American Football will be a breath of fresh air for avid football fans who have grown tired of sitting through hours of commercials for an hour long game. This short guide will explain the Alliance of American Football (AAF) along with how players are training for it to get in shape for this exciting new taste of football glory.

What is the Alliance of American Football?

There have been several attempts in the past to create alternatives to the NFL, but this is one of the first times where experts from every position on the field and off have come together to put together something truly exciting. With famous players, like Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu, to sports broadcasting legends and highly experienced general managers and head coaches participating, it’s truly football the way it should be.

Most fans will love that the games will feature 60% fewer commercials, including no commercials during timeouts. But that’s not all, there are also some exciting rule changes! For one, they are getting away from extra-point field goals after a touchdown and replacing them with exclusively two-point scrimmages. Another facet to the game is the shorter play clock, down to 35 seconds from the NFL’s 40. In many ways, it’s making the game faster and more entertaining.

Who Are the San Diego Fleet?

Since the announcement of the league in March 2018, players have been lining up to get involved. Head coach of the AAF’s San Diego Fleet, Mike Martz has actively put together an exciting list of players from around the region with experience in NFL, college, Indoor Football and even the Canadian Football League. The Fleet also marks the return of professional football to the city of San Diego.

Where and How do the Players Train?

Coaches and general managers have been building teams since late 2018. Although there are some exciting rule changes from the NFL, the core athleticism, speed and strength necessary to thrive are still very present in the AAF.

Similar to the NFL Combine Training, the AAF held a combine in Los Angeles in July 2018 along with a quarterback draft in November 2018. Once rosters were assembled, players began training in their new home cities. One of the unique advantages of the AAF is that the league is very region oriented. For example, the San Diego Fleet more or less has the first call on the player’s from all California universities, both LA NFL teams, and others. The league founders purposely did this to give fans a close relationship to their local teams.

Activ8 proudly trains the following San Diego Fleet and other AAF team players and more:

Jordan Leslie

The former Denver Bronco and Atlanta Falcon is looking forward to his new opportunity to live his dream as a professional athlete with his recent signing to the Salt Lake Stallions.

Matt Weiser

The University of Buffalo Alumni had a fantastic collegiate career, summing up the highest receptions in a season by a Tight End in his senior year. Weiser will be playing for the Orlando Apollos this coming AAF season.

Eric Pinkins

As a San Diego State Alumni, Pinkins is ecstatic to start his AAF career for the San Diego Fleet this coming season. The former Seattle Seahawk and Dallas Cowboy will be playing Linebacker for the Fleet, though he has experience as a Safety as well.

John Montelus

Montelus will join Pinkins in the inaugural season for the San Diego Fleet. The young Norte Dame and University of Virginia Offensive Gaurd sees the AAF as an opportunity to develop his skills on the field.

John Kling

Kling and Weiser played together at the University of Buffalo and led their offensive to great success their senior year. The 6’8”, 320 lb. Offensive Tackle will be taking his talents to the Atlanta Legends this upcoming season.

Drew Ferris

Ferris, the University of Florida long-snapper, will be joining Weiser for the Orlando Apollos for their upcoming season as well.

Terry Poole

Poole, the San Diego State Alumni, will be joining the San Diego Fleet this coming season as well. The Offensive Tackle has played on a variety of practice teams since his signing back in 2015 to the Seattle Seahawks, and is looking forward to playing in scrimmage once again in the AAF.

Terry Poole

Elite Fitness Training and the AAF

Our clients train at Activ8 to take advantage of the wide expertise and great facilities we offer. Activ8’s combination of football training and athletic development will ensure the players are ready for some serious competition come opening day.

The AAF isn’t intended to replace the NFL. The league’s creators designed it so that fans don’t have to wait the lengthy six months of the year where there’s no professional football. It is likely that some players in the AAF will have the opportunity to move over to the NFL, and it’s a great opportunity for undrafted rookies or free agents, who just need some more experience on the field, to shine. By training at elite fitness centers like Activ8 and playing in the AAF, they’ll be able to reach their full potential.


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