Maximizing Your NFL Combine and Pro Day Performance with Activ8 Training

Maximizing Your NFL Combine and Pro Day Performance with Activ8 Training

Your professional football career is structured differently than other occupations. Your interview into (or onto) the field requires rigorous physical feats, mental fortitude, and support through your team of trainers, physical therapists, and nutritionists – let’s call them your process team. The athlete picking their process team is a major steppingstone to an NFL team picking them.

At Activ8, every athlete is treated with individualized attention and care. The athlete will first go through a performance consultation to help the coaching staff understand how the athlete moves to then develop a power and efficiency system. In addition to the movement screening, each athlete will complete an InBody body composition scan and go through performance testing to assess and document baseline markers. This data will then be used as a starting point for the athlete’s specific nutritional and training needs.

In a sport where precision and seconds can make or break a career, we understand precise data drives success. Through screening and establishing the athlete’s starting point, Activ8 develops personalized Pro day performance training programs for the athlete. Below are the four primary areas the athlete will have with a personalized approach to prepare for their 2023 NFL Combine / Pro Day:

Strength & Power Development:

Power is the presence of strength executed at a fast pace. Therefore, explosiveness and speed need a solid foundation of strength. Our strength training focuses on building peak performance. This is tailored with the athlete’s training history and position in mind. Activ8 utilizes the PERCH and Keiser Functional Trainer for velocity-based training. These allow us to quantify weight room performance markers in real time.

Movement & Speed Training:

Learning the proper mechanics in sprinting is crucial to increasing speed for your fastest 40-yard Dash. Through education and data through the Smart Speed timing gate, we assess accurate, reliable data for the athlete to make adjustments.


This is the athlete’s first step to recovery from training. Using the information from the InBody body composition scan and position requirements, each athlete will have access to personalized nutrition depending on their goal suggestions to either decrease body fat and increase muscle mass or put on weight. Athletes have many things to focus on, so having specific nutrition guidance takes the guesswork and stress out of it.


An essential aspect of our program is the implementation of an integrated, holistic daily pre-rehabilitation routine. This includes use of top of the line recovery tools provided in-house as well as mindfulness and breathing techniques. Based on Activ8’s injury assessment, a custom plan is created using a variety of modalities such as physical therapy, massage, and use of the Hyperice, MarcPro, and Game Ready recovery modalities.

Consistent training in our system results in steady progress in the areas of balance, control, power, flexibility, coordination, stability, and rhythm.

Types of Training:

  1. Vertical Jump
  2. Broad Jump
  3. 40-yard Dash
  4. 5-10-5 Pro Agility
  5. L Drill
  6. Position Specific Training
  7. 225 Bench Press
  8. Interview Prep

To learn more about how you can perform at your best for the NFL Combine or respective Pro Day, reach out to us at


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